10 reasons why rivers love trees

Jayne Mann


This week is National Tree Week - the annual celebration on social media where tree-lovers celebrate trees! Here across the Rivers Trust movement, we love trees, they are critical to river environments and here are 10 reasons why... 1. They provide shelter for fish, wildlife and insects 2. During hot temperatures, areas of shade can help reduce the temperature of the water, which reduces the risk of drought 3. Roots stabilise the river banks, reducing bank erosion 4. When leaves drop, they provide important nutrients and food for organisms which are food to trout and birds 5. Trees protect rivers from pollution runoff and have been known to almost completely prevent pesticides and phosphates from reaching watercourses 6. Fallen trees are critical in slowing river flow, they create habitat variation and shelter for fish, restoring natural movement in rivers, and trapping detritus which breaks down into food for river insects 7. Rivers Trusts will often use trees to build leaky dams to help slow the flow of water and reduce flood risks 8. Trees act as natural sponges, collecting and filtering rainfall and slowing the flow 9. They capture carbon dioxide in their leaves and roots 10. They create beautiful wild spaces for people and wildlife! Many Rivers Trusts hold volunteer tree planting days and in 2017, Rivers Trusts across the country planted over 90,000 trees. Find your local Rivers Trust and get in touch to find volunteering opportunities near you, or donate to support us do more work like this.
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