12 days of Rivers Trust — Day 1: Introducing Ribble Rivers Trust

Jayne Mann


When did your Trust form? The Trust formed in 1998 making us 20 years old this year. How many people work at your Trust? 20 people for our 20 years! What are the main issues with Rivers in your catchment? Everything! We have such a mixed catchment, from extensive uplands to intensive lowlands and over a million people in between, so we have a real mixture of problems. Our focus is to improve water quality, habitat quality and connect habitats, through engagement and education alongside delivering lots of projects. Are there any particular rivers keeping you up at night and why? All of them, we love our rivers, and each has its own unique charms and troubles. But the Darwen is really troubled and so we are doing lots of work there. Why is the above picture your favourite photo of the year? Our favourite photo of the year was taken at our Heritage Open Day; we love this photo because it represents how far we have come. When we started we were an organisation made up of a handful of volunteers, and this year we held our own event which was attended by almost 200 people! It also reflects how important education and engagement is to us and how through this we will train up the river guardians of the future! What key issue or project will you be hoping to tackle in 2019? We are very much looking forward to getting started on our longest deculvert project, which covers 400m and a new river channel of 650m! We have another exciting project on the horizon, but it is too early to speak publicly about it, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! Any Christmas wishes or New Year’s resolutions for the Trust this year? Our Christmas wish is that our wonderful Ribble Life catchment partners continue to help make the Ribble Catchment a better place! Our New Year’s resolution is to give our amazing more volunteers (and ourselves) lots of cake on volunteer days! Visit the Ribble Rivers Trust website here.
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