12 days of Rivers Trusts — Day 2: Introducing Bristol Avon Rivers Trust

Jayne Mann


When did your Trust form?
2012 How many people work at your Trust? 5 What are the main issues with Rivers in your catchment? Our catchment is a mixture of urban and rural so there are a wide range of issues to deal with. However, all of our rivers are affected by the two main issues of water pollution and physical modifications, such as modified walls and straightened channels. Are there any particular rivers keeping you up at night and why? When there is just one or two left to worry about, we will know we have done a good job! Why is the above picture, your favourite photo of the year? We spend as much of our limited funding as we can on on-the-ground improvements - we have really low overheads, including no office. So, to date, our photos have all been fairly poor and taken on our phones so it was great to get the chance to have a photographer come our with us for free to one of our river sessions! This photo really shows the beauty and enjoyment that our sessions involve when we take people out, largely for the first time, in their local river. After all, who is going to want to protect something they don't appreciate? What key issue or project will you be hoping to tackle in 2019? We hope to take on larger river-catchment scale projects to line up a multitude of improvements. This includes taking out more weirs to re-naturalise our rivers and who knows, maybe we will get a salmon or sea trout up the Bristol Avon in the coming years! Any Christmas wishes or New Year’s resolutions for the Trust this year? To deliver even more on the ground improvements in 2019 and to get even more people taking ownership of and enjoying their local river!
Take a look at the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust's website for more!
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