Alistair Maltby to take up new role with Woodland Trust

Jayne Mann


The Rivers Trust is sad to announce that long-standing Operations Director, Alistair Maltby, will be leaving the Trust for a new role with the Woodland Trust, as Director of Estate and Woodland Outreach. Alistair joined the movement 22 years ago years as Senior Scientific Officer at Westcountry Rivers Trust, before moving on to be a Project Manager at Thames21, working aside current Rivers Trust CEO, Mark Lloyd. In 2001, Alistair headed north to help set up the Eden Rivers Trust before moving into The Rivers Trust in 2005, where he has stayed for over 10 years helping take the Trust and its movement from strength to strength. Alistair commented: “It’s been a huge privilege to have been part of the Rivers Trust story for so long, and to have worked with so many dedicated river activists. I am really excited to be joining the Woodland Trust at a time when the role of trees in restoring nature and addressing our climate emergency is so important. The work of communities in demanding more for our rivers has never been more important, and I look forward to continuing to support Rivers Trusts in the future.” Darren Moorcroft, CEO, Woodland Trust said: “We are delighted to welcome Alistair to the Woodland Trust as our Director of Estates and Woodland Outreach and a member of our Executive team. Alistair’s track record at the Rivers Trust mean we are confident he will be a great addition to the Woodland Trust, and help both organisations work even better together. We start 2020 facing both climate and nature crises. If we are to pass on an improved environment to our children and future generations the time has come for positive action. We need to tackle the climate and nature emergencies together, playing our part as the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity in helping the UK reach its targets for net zero carbon. Alistair will be pivotal in helping us make the most of our estate to engage people protecting woods, trees and expanding woodland cover.” Talking about his long association with Alistair, Arlin Rickard said, “I first met Alistair in 1997 when he joined me at Westcountry Rivers Trust in the roll-out of the Tamar 2000 Project. Later when working as Director North for The Rivers Trust, Alistair was instrumental in helping establish new rivers trusts to ensure national coverage and strong representation in the North. He has been an outstanding contributor to the development of the movement and its success.” Mark Lloyd said: “Alistair will be much missed by hundreds of staff and volunteers in the Rivers Trust movement, with which he has been involved since the very early days in the 1990s. He leaves an impressive legacy of successfully completed and ongoing projects to restore healthy rivers and the landscapes though which they flow. We wish him all the best in his new role and look forward to working closely with him and the Woodland Trust to achieve many shared objectives." Alistair will start his new role in mid-April.
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