Conserving Coniston & Crake – Healthy water for wildlife and communities

Jayne Mann


South Cumbria Rivers Trust and Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership awarded National Lottery support South Cumbria Rivers Trust has received confirmation of a grant of £763,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to manage the Conserving Coniston & Crake project for the local community’s Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership. Thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, the project will improve the catchment’s water quality, habitats and biodiversity through conservation and community engagement. Coniston Water and the Crake Valley is enjoyed by many: its spectacular landscape is a mosaic of different habitats, and home to some of our rarest and most loved species, including Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Charr, otters and bats. However, problems such as poor water quality, invasive non-native species and man-made changes to the natural habitats mean that the lake and rivers and their wildlife are under threat. The Conserving Coniston & Crake project will work alongside the local communities to support the landscape and wildlife which are so important to the history and cultural identity of this beautiful area. Through Conserving Coniston & Crake, the Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership and the South Cumbria Rivers Trust will be working in partnership with existing enthusiastic volunteers and other local people and organisations on a wide range of practical conservation projects and community events. Activities for families and local schools, community arts, and an oral history project will be parts of an extensive and exciting programme for locals and visitors alike. The trust is looking for volunteers to join the existing local crew, so if you want to try something new and learn new skills, get in touch. Visit the South Cumbria Rivers Trust website to find out more about the project, how to get involved and to sign up for local events. Conserving Coniston & Crake Project Officer Charlotte Hall commented:
"We’re delighted that we’ve received this support thanks to National Lottery players. The Coniston and Crake Valley is a beautiful place to live, and very popular with visitors. However, the lake, river and becks are under threat. This local community project will help raise awareness of the issues and make sure that we have the clean water and habitats to support our native plants and wildlife for the years to come."
Nathan Lee, Head of HLF North West said:
“We are delighted to provide funding for this project, which, through National Lottery players, will ensure that the beauty and biodiversity of one of the Lake District’s most famous lakes, Coniston Water, is preserved for all the visitors and local communities that enjoy it.”
The project is run by South Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership, working together with the Lake District National Park Authority, the National Trust and other local and national organisations.
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