Celebrating our 61st Member Trust: East Wicklow Rivers Trust

Emily Cooper


On the 8th of May, The Rivers Trust family gained its newest member. We would like to extend our warmest welcomes to our 61st member trust, East Wicklow Rivers Trust! East Wicklow Rivers Trust is a valuable new addition to our team, covering an area of over 1300 square kilometres, stretching all the way from Bray to Arklow. This area includes the Vartry, Avoca and Dargle rivers, as well as all of the lakes, streams and wetlands illustrated below. Protecting and improving these habitats will be no small feat, but we have no doubts that the East Wicklow team will make us proud. East Wicklow Rivers Trust Map

The Grand Opening

Even the gloomy weather couldn't dampen the spirits of the crowd which gathered in Ashford, County Wicklow, to celebrate the launch of the new trust. In the idyllic surroundings of his Robinsonian gardens, Konrad Jay welcomed eager guests to the event. Mark Horton, director of All-Ireland and the Ballinderry Rivers Trust, kicked off the evening with a fantastic speech, gratefully received by the crowd. Following Mark's address, Luke Drea, Chair of the East Wicklow Rivers Trust, spoke of the future plans for the trust. East Wicklow Rivers Trust Launch The procession followed Professor Ken Whelan out into the gardens for a tour of the River Vartry. Guests and board members alike were delighted by the chance to observe the aquatic insects and fish which call the river home. Only the offer of a glorious spread from the Avoca Cafe and PoshCakes could prove tempting enough to lure the crowds away from the river! We spoke to Mark Horton following the launch, and he's certain that East Wicklow Rivers Trust will achieve great things. Mark said "With a strong focus on community engagement and education, the Trust is embarking on a programme of projects and activities that will see the community encouraged to turn towards the rivers and bring about positive changes for water quality, wildlife and the people of the area". We share Mark's confidence that the East Wicklow Rivers Trust will do amazing work for the rivers in the area, and we can't wait to share their successes with you. Best of luck, EWRT!
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