Great British Spring Clean — the results!

Jayne Mann


n March, we were proud partners of the Keep Britain Tidy's #GBSpringClean campaign - mobilising our volunteer network to clean up litter around rivers up and down the country.

On the run-up to the campaign, 12 Rivers Trusts were trained by Thames21 to deliver volunteer litter picks, learning about the ins and outs of running a volunteer event and all the safety aspects that are required. This training will help local Trusts hold more litter picks in the future.

For the campaign, Rivers Trusts up and down the country held more than 12 clean ups and involved 126 volunteers. 280 bags were collected, and the most random items found were: a really big teddy bear, gas canister, 2 baths, a horse coat, and 3 carpets!

The Rivers Trusts that took part were: West Cumbria Rivers Trust, Don Catchment Rivers Trust, Thames21, Mersey Rivers Trust, Welland Rivers Trust, Tyne Rivers Trust, South Cumbria Rivers Trust, Action for River Kennet, Wandle Rivers Trust and Ribble Rivers Trust. Well done to all the Trusts that took part and organised events.

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