Nature needs you

Jayne Mann


Four out of five rivers in England and Wales are not considered healthy.

The UK Government has committed to transfer all environmental protections from the EU. We want to make sure that these protections are not weakened in this process and that urgent action is taken so that we can restore and protect our rivers for wildlife, for us, and for future generations. As part of WWF’s Nature Needs You campaign, we are asking our member trusts to call on supporters to tell local MP's exactly why your river is so important to your community. Over the summer, Rivers Trusts across the country will be holding events up and down the country, asking you to write to your local MP to ensure your voices are heard. Look out for an event with your local trust over the summer months or sign up online here. Use this interactive map to find out what might be causing your river to not be healthy - its failure could be caused by industry, transport, agriculture, water industry or many other reasons. This map will help you find your local river and its health status.
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