New crowdfunding platform by WWF Netherlands is raising money to remove weirs in South Cumbria

Jayne Mann


WWF Netherlands have launched a new crowdfunding platform which will support the removal of two UK weirs, enabling rivers to flow freely and bring nature back to life.

The new website, launched in June 2018, features two South Cumbria Rivers Trust projects who hope to raise enough funds to complete the following projects:

The Sunny Bank Dam lies in Torver Beck, which flows into the sea through Coniston Water. The dam is a concrete remnant of an old mill and is 200 - 500 mm high. The dam blocks the upstream migration of salmon, eel and smaller migratory fish.

If South Cumbria Rivers Trust raise the funds to remove this weir, they will create space for new life in the river, such as the kingfisher and the otter, and will open up over 3 kilometres of free-flowing river. The spawning grounds of the salmon and the sea trout will be restored and it will reinforce a larger ecological restoration project, which is being carried out in the Torver Basin.
Click here to support this weir removal.

The removal Crosthwaite Dam in Lake District, UK

The Crosthwaite Dam is located in a side stream of the Gilpin River, which runs through the Lake District in Northern England. For more than 100 years, this barrier has ensured that fish, such as trout and eels, can no longer swim here.

Together with you, South Cumbria Rivers Trust want to remove this dam so that the river can flow freely again. All they need is a total of 10,000 euros to remove this culvert and create new aquatic habitat for fish, invertebrates and plants.

Click here to support this weir removal.

The crowdfunding website is being supported by Dam Removal Europe - an initiative organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the World Fish Migration Foundation, the European Rivers Network, The Rivers Trust and Rewilding Europe.

Dam Removal Europe shares knowledge in the field of dam removal and places this subject on the agenda. Therefore Dam Removal Europe is a stimulating network organisation and a knowledge platform. Dam Removal Europe will collaborate on a European, national, regional and local level and will come into action by inspiring governments, organisations and people to remove dams in rivers.

Fore more information on Dam Removal Europe, visit:

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