Our new Annual Review 201617

Jayne Mann


We’re delighted to launch our new Rivers Trust Annual Review for 2016/17. Take a look at the latest publication from The Rivers Trust, detailing the growth of rivers trusts across the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our latest review will help you see where our member trusts are based and the ground they cover, key statistics from across the movement, together with case studies and updates about our latest projects. We are really proud of the local trusts and their successes this year, and in the last year, rivers trusts* in the UK have…
  • Planted over 83,560 trees
  • Worked with 365 schools
  • Opened up 389km of river to fish passage
  • Addressed 802 pollution incidents and water quality issues
  • Assisted 124 communities at risk of flooding
  • Worked on over 1000 farms
  • Improved over 542km of river habitat
  • Participated in over 75 flood risk management schemes
  • Eased, passed or removed over 88 fish barriers
  • Created or restored over 35 wetlands
*30 trusts surveyed in 2016 With only 17% of rivers in England meeting the EU Water Framework Directive’s ‘Good Ecological Status’, our work has never been more important. We have been lucky to be a part of some fantastic projects including working on the LIFE IP Natural Course project, the FRAMES (Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-layEr Safety) project, setting up the community challenge fund with support from the Greggs Foundation and being key partners in the Interreg North Sea region project Water-CoG, which will explore water co-governance with other organisations in the North Sea Region. Looking ahead, we will be progressing out Water Stewardship service, a one stop-shop for businesses who want to be good water stewards and we will be continuing our work to develop rivers trusts in Northern Ireland and Ireland, where we will be launching our first European project on the Island of Ireland, ‘Source to Tap’, supported by the European union’s INTERREG VA Programme and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). Watch this space! Read our Annual Review here.
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