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Rambling About Rivers Ep 5: Supporting a Grassroots Community’

Emily Cooper


The latest episode of Rambling About Rivers is now LIVE!

In this episode, Jayne and Dan are joined by Alex Beasley, Country Manager (UK, Ireland & Nordics) for Patagonia. For almost 40 years, Patagonia has supported grassroots activists who fight to find solutions to the environmental crisis. In this podcast, Alex speaks about why supporting the grassroots community forms such a central part of the Patagonia brand ethos.

We learn more about the Patagonia's origin, as well as diving into more detail about their new platform, Action Works. Tune in now to find out more. You can listen via the embedded player below, or search for Rambling About Rivers on Spotify.

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This podcast was supported by the NSR Interreg project, WaterCoG.
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