Rivers Trust Review 2018 — Launch

Jayne Mann


We’re delighted to launch our new Rivers Trust Review 2018. Take a look at the latest publication from The Rivers Trust, detailing the outputs from Rivers Trusts across the UK and Ireland. Our latest review will help you see where our member trusts are based and the ground they cover, key statistics from across the movement, together with case studies and updates about our latest projects. We are really proud of the local trusts and their successes this year, and in the last year, rivers trusts* in the UK have…
  • Planted over 91k trees
  • Worked with more than 270 schools
  • Opened up 260km of river to fish passage
  • Addressed 736 pollution incidents and water quality issues
  • Assisted 128 communities at risk of flooding
  • Worked on over 1150 farms
  • Improved over 449km of river habitat
  • Held more than 450 river clean ups
  • Eased, passed or removed over 68 fish barriers
  • Created or restored over 80 wetlands
*29 trusts surveyed in 2017 Rivers Trusts delivered an incredible £19.2m of work to improve rivers in 2017, supported by over 11,000 volunteers, despite challenging financial times for charities. With only 14% of rivers in England classed as healthy, our work has never been more important. The new review features natural flood management work by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust, the challenges of urban pollution by South East Rivers Trust and their work with Coca- Cola on their Replenish programme. Norfolk Rivers Trust’s work on improving eel habitats, and Trent Rivers Trust’s work in developing pollution surveys with the local community. On a national scale, we’ve continued our work with WWF and the Angling Trust to back nature campaigns and advise the government on the critical pressures affecting our water environment. We held more than 2 conferences to provide a platform to share ideas with other NGOs and local Rivers Trusts. Continued development of our Water Stewardship programme backed by Coca-Cola and M&S. Continued European project work such as the EU LIFE Natural Course project and the Interreg North Sea Region WaterCoG project, we also launched our first European project on the Island of Ireland, Source to Tap. Looking ahead, we will continue our work on expanding our capability to monitor the health of our rivers, launch a new Catchment Based Approach website, continue working with businesses and their supply chains to help them to use water more sustainably and continue to support the delivery of the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.
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