The world’s first international citizen science relay

Jayne Mann


The Rivers Trust is organising the worlds first international citizen science relay with organisations from five different countries to take #actiononwater on an international scale next week. From 18th – 22nd March, organisations from the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, will all be taking #actiononwater at their local watercourse, to introduce the community to citizen science techniques and promote how they can play a key role in managing their local watercourse. The event forms part of the Interreg North Sea Region project, WaterCo-Governance, which wants to encourage a more collaborative approach to water management. In the UK, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust will be delivering some water sampling with children during the North Yorkshire Youth Conference. In Denmark, SEGES will be taking a number of farmers out to test for nitrate using a newly developed Danish version of the Nitrate App. Limfjord Council will be sending out over 1000 seed packets to local residents in the municipality of Aalborg, to demonstrate the impact that garden pesticides can on the local watercourse. Water company OOWV, in Germany, will be taking over 20 school children to a local exhibition about water. And in the Netherlands, partners from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, along with IVN (a local nature organisation) and the local water board, will be taking a number of primary school children to deliver a number of water quality tests on their local watercourse. The week of activities will all lead up to World Water Day on Friday 22nd March. The international citizen science relay is open to anyone else wanting to join in and deliver their own #actiononwater activity.
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