Vote for The Rivers Trust at Waitrose​.com this winter

Jayne Mann


We are delighted to have been chosen to participate in Waitrose & Partners Community Matters online scheme. Between 1st December – 28th February, online shoppers at Waitrose & Partners can vote for The Rivers Trust to receive a share of the £25,000 Community Matters funding. So why vote for us? We believe that water is life. Healthy rivers are essential to human life, they provide us with drinking water, they water our crops, they are a home to important species of wildlife, they provide recreational spaces for our health and wellbeing. Yet, only 14% of rivers are at good ecological status and have been declining over recent years. With your support, we can organise more river clean-ups to help local communities take action on the tide of plastic and litter threatening our rivers and seas, plant more trees to reduce the risk of flooding to communities, remove barriers to fish migration to support an abundance of wildlife, carry out essential research to find solutions to improve the water quality of our rivers, educate more school children and work closer with government, businesses and landowners, to ensure they manage water more efficiently, and continue our work to protect river life and the surrounding communities. Together with our 60 local member trusts, we are the only group of environmental charities in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to protecting and improving river environments for the benefit of people and wildlife. Join us in our fight against pollution, plastic and climate change, and help us make our rivers fit for people and wildlife. Join the Riverlution - protect rivers, support Rivers Trusts. To vote, all you need to do is click to support The Rivers Trust during checkout. The £25,000 funds will be split out between 3 different national charities weighted on the number of votes each charity receives. Click here to find out more about Community Matters.
Photo credit: Bristol Avon Rivers Trust
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