Sewage Map preview

We’ve updated our Sewage Map!

See where sewage was discharged into your local waterway in 2022.

Rebecca Duncan


We've now updated our Sewage Map to include data from 2022 for England and Wales.

Data published by Defra and Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water last week shows that untreated sewage was discharged 384,568 times across England and Wales, for a total duration of more than two million hours.

With our map, you can see how where these spills occurred. You can zoom in on your local area, search by location, or visit the 'investigate' tab to see data breakdowns by constituency, receiving water body, and more.

That's not all, though. Soon we will add some new features to the map to help understand the problem of sewage pollution even more. We'll be adding annual summary data from Scotland for 2018-2022. We'll also be sharing near real-time alerts of sewage spills where that data is available, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to hear as soon as these features go live.

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