children with fishing nets

Activities for Children

It’s never too early to start a journey down the river.

Whether it’s enjoying splashing about whilst learning to fish or holding a looking glass up to fascinating freshwater species, there are so many ways for children to get involved with The Rivers Trust – and parents will be happy to know that they don’t all involve getting your feet wet.

Visit our Schools Hub

Created during the first coronavirus lockdown, our Schools Hub has lots of free activities for children in Key Stages 1-5. You could hear all about the adventures of the Salmon Lady courtesy of the Wye and Usk Foundation (KS1), discover how water travels from source to tap (KS2), or even use GIS data software to investigate how rivers might be affected by climate change (KS5). All of these activities are designed for home learning – simple, effective, and easy to use. We also have guidance for teachers on how to use the resources we’ve provided, and what steps to take if you’re interested in developing a more bespoke education package.

Finally, because life is all about balance, we have online games to help kids unwind at the end of the school day. See if you can help Tilly the Trout reach her spawning ground!

Learn and explore

If any of this inspires you, consider contacting your local Rivers Trust to see what events they’re organising. Maybe you could get involved with volunteering too? Or you might just want to find new ways to have fun at the river.

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