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Lidl GB, along with The Rivers Trust and the Wye & Usk Foundation, are using Nature-based Solutions to create a more sustainable food supply chain.

Lidl GB understand the need to conserve fresh water resources that play an essential role in their supply chain and are committed to using sustainable water management in their farming and food production operations.

They have been working with The Rivers Trust since 2022 to improve water management in key areas of their egg, poultry, root veg and soft fruit supply chains. From 2023 onwards, they will be supporting The Rivers Trust to deliver collaborative catchment projects, one of which will be using Nature-based Solutions to improve water quality and biodiversity.

Lidl GB are adopting the Water Stewardship approaches of The Rivers Trust and through this partnership, will support the delivery of a constructed wetland by the Wye & Usk foundation. This wetland will intercept water that drains from a farm in the Lidl supply chain, improving the quality of the water before it makes it's way back into the River Wye, as well as creating a new biodiverse habitat. Approaches like this help make our catchments and food supply chains resilient and sustainable.

Lidl are also committed to initiatives such as; Water & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)'s Water Roadmap, Courtauld Commitment 2030, the LEAF Marque Standard, and are a member of Alliance for Water Stewardship.