The Rivers Trust’s Annual Impact Report is here!

Dive into the incredible work and achievements of our Movement from the last year and join us as we look back at our longer-term impact as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and 30th Anniversary of the first Rivers Trust.

Matthew Woodard


The past year was an eventful one for our rivers! We’ve seen the issues they face continue to hit news and public concern and passion for our waterways become increasingly evident.

It was also a busy year for The Rivers Trust Movement, as our dedicated member Trusts got their boots wet working tirelessly across the UK and Ireland to restore, protect, and fight for our precious rivers.

Their combined efforts result in some rather impressive stats: with nearly half a million trees planted, 540 river cleans held, over 20,000 volunteers engaged, and nearly 900 hectares of wetland created or restored – to highlight just a few!

Our annual Impact Report takes a deeper look at the year of work by compiling these stats, alongside a collection of compelling case studies that showcase the breadth of activities undertaken across our Movement as we work towards our shared goal of wild, healthy, natural rivers valued by all. These activities include:

  • Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust realigning a 670 metre section of the precious Cockshut chalk stream and restoring the surrounding habitats.
  • Maigue Rivers Trust eradicating approximately 80% of the invasive giant hogweed population from the River Morningstar catchment in County Limerick.
  • Don Catchment Rivers Trust engaging with farmers through the Dearne Valley Farm Cluster programme, helping them achieve landscape-scale environmental benefits that are positive for both farming and nature.

This year’s report is a special one as it marks the 20th anniversary of The Rivers Trust and 30 years since the creation of the first Trust, the Westcountry Rivers Trust. We are celebrating this milestone by delving into the archives to explore the long-term impacts of some of our past member Trust projects.

Want to learn more?

Click the link below to read our full 2023-24 Impact Report to explore the work our movement does and the impact it is having.

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