A grim green bath bomb dissolves in yellow water

Toxic Dips

Experience the unhealthy truth of the UK’s contaminated waterways from the comfort of your tub with a Toxic Dip bath bomb.

Fancy it? No, neither do we.

The Rivers Trust is taking to eBay to highlight the plight of UK rivers, selling Toxic Dips, the world’s most expensive bath bombs at £300,000 per set — just 0.005% of the estimated amount being invested to clean up rivers in the next five years.

Help us restore rivers by donating just £5, or the cost of a real bath bomb, to our work today.

The river Wye

Wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all.

Healthy rivers are essential to human life, they provide us with drinking water, they water our crops, they are home to important species of wildlife, they provide recreational spaces for our health and wellbeing.

Child looking at nature
A man testing water quality using sampling kit people planting a wetland

0% good overall health


of all rivers in England and Northern Ireland are classed as 'good overall'.

Natural barriers


of British rivers have artificial barriers obstructing migrating fish

Species decline


decline in freshwater species globally since 1970

1% of the earth


of the earth's surface is made up of freshwater ecosystems, yet they provide habitat for 100,000+ species

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