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Our work

Our local Trusts work across the UK and Ireland to drive positive change for rivers. Find out more about how we stop pollution, build climate resilience and help nature’s recovery in rivers. 

What we do

We are conservation experts with a wealth of data and expertise at our fingertips. We work with our member Trusts to make our shared vision a reality: wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all.

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Building Nature Based Solutions

We’re working with nature to restore and replenish our local environments. Find out about some of the most effective nature-based solutions that we work with. 

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Guiding water stewardship

Our Water Stewardship Service helps businesses to work together and deliver sustainable solutions for water.

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Advising land managers

As a charity focused on delivering solutions, it is critical to our success that we have the best possible engagement with the farmers, land managers, and riparian owners who are directly connected to the rivers that we aim to protect and the catchments that surround them.

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Planting trees for water

Trees are one of the most important aspects of the riparian landscape. When planted in the right place, they provide multiple benefits for people, nature, and wildlife.

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Restoring rivers

River restoration sits at the heart of what we do. On a daily basis, our local Trusts are out in the field, carrying out impactful work to restore and revive freshwater habitats. However, this is no easy feat: industrialisation, urbanisation and agricultural intensification have all left their mark on freshwater habitats.

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A man testing water quality using sampling kit

Data & evidence

Data and evidence are a critical part of integrated catchment management, helping partners to engage a wide audience, agree on the priority issues and solutions, and monitor outcomes. 

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Cleaning up rivers

No matter how clean a river might look, pollution is an ever present threat. Rivers are wild habitats, and as such they will never be totally sterile – but there are lots of sources which contribute to pollution above and beyond what would naturally occur.

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Children playing with fishing net

Working with Communities

The Rivers Trust movement exists because a group of passionate people came together to advocate for our precious rivers. More than 25 years – and a lot of growth – later, this community spirit is still at the heart of what we do. We are extremely proud of our grassroots support, and it’s really the people we work with that make The Rivers Trust what it is today: a force for positive change.

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Supporting local partnerships

Working as the secretariat of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA), we support over 100 community partnerships who bring together local knowledge and expertise to deliver integrated management of land and water.

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