Volunteering with The Rivers Trust

Kieran Bird talks about the joys of volunteering with Thames21 on the Bury Lodge wetlands and more exciting ways to get involved with The Rivers trust as a volunteer

Jake Coleman


Wading through a brook

Earlier in the year I joined my local Member Rivers Trust: Thames21, for a day of cutting back brambles and litter picking. In a few hours the team was able to clear the whole stretch of the bank. This really opened up the river which makes the link to the adjoining wetland clearer to passers-by. These places are so important in urban areas to help people feel close to nature whilst also offering important habitat oasis’s for local wildlife.


Getting involved with Thames21’s projects

Thames21 do some great work and always have volunteer opportunities in their calendar of events that anyone can sign up to. A great example is their ‘Trees for Rivers’ restoration project which they are running with Enfield Council. This season alone they still have another 50,000 trees to plant! It is great to see these projects up and running. So many people are devoting their time to such a good cause.

Volunteering with the Rivers Trust

I can’t recommend going out and volunteering enough! It was so nice to get out, don some waders and feel good about enhancing local rivers. There are plenty of opportunities to get stuck in with volunteering projects to help improve our rivers. In you are interested take a look on The Rivers Trust's Volunteer Opportunities page to find an event you’d like to attend. It may be that there are also opportunities run by one of the more local 65 Member Rivers Trusts. You can find your local Member Trust using this map on the Rivers Trust website. Happy Volunteering!

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