Woman silhouetted against the sunset by a river

River Revival

This summer, we’re having a River Revival. 

Rivers are a wonder. They are the beautiful blue backbone of our landscape, providing a home for thousands of wildlife species, and a source of life for the wider environment. Through recreational activities including walking, swimming, fishing, and paddle sports, they provide a space where we can relax, revive, and recharge.

This summer, we need you to join us to celebrate everything that’s amazing about rivers. By getting involved, you could help us to deliver real river improvements across the UK and Ireland.

Becoming part of the River Revival couldn’t be easier - all we want you to do is #Take5.

  • Take 5 minutes for yourself on or by a river
  • Tag 5 friends and encourage them to do the same
  • Give £5 to support freshwater conservation
Paddleboarding across a river with a dog, viewed from above

Throughout July and August, we’ll be sharing resources to help you #Take5 at the river, as well as some of our favourite riverside stories, and low-budget tips on how you can help revive your local river environment. Alternatively, you might want to hold a fundraiser. Check out our fundraising page below to find out more.

Join the River Revival

Help us to raise money for grassroots river conservation.

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