Wet wipes from sewage spill in river

Respond to the Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan

We’re disappointed by plans to reduce sewage pollution. If you feel the same, find out how you can get involved.

The government’s Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan indicates how the government will progressively stop pollution from untreated sewage releases via ‘storm’ overflows. We are incredibly disappointed by the plan, because:

  • The plan is too narrow in its scope, only giving targets for water companies;
  • The timeline for action lacks ambition and is out of step with other proposed government environment targets on pollution reduction and nature’s recovery;
  • Under the plan half of storm overflows would still be spilling untreated sewage in 2040;
  • It lacks targets for the government to implement enabling legislation and regulations as recommended by MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) and by the Defra Taskforce on Storm Overflows.

If you are similarly disappointed by the plan, please lend us your voice and speak up for rivers. There are two main ways to get involved.

  1. Download our briefing below, and send it to your MP. This briefing outlines all the reasons why the plan falls short of what's needed to save our rivers.
  2. Take part in the consultation. Until the 12th of May, the Government are inviting the public to consult on their plan. It should only take ten minutes of your time, and you don't need to be an expert.
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