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The Rivers Trust 2022 – 23 Impact Report is live!

The Rivers Trust Movement continues to have an impact, fighting for our rivers across the UK and Ireland. 

Matthew Woodard


Our movement continued to grow at a rapid pace during 2022-23 and our rivers become a mainstream topic in the media, and that would not have been possible without your support.

Rivers and issues around our waterways have been catapulted onto the front pages and it is excellent to see them receiving the attention that they greatly need. The continued growth of the public interest in and passion for improving the health of our rivers has played an invaluable part in securing the media coverage, political shifts and discussions, and is an essential to achieve our vision of wild, healthy, natural rivers.

Throughout the year, our dedicated member Trusts have been working hard in all corners of our islands, to restore, protect, and clean up our beautiful rivers. And their efforts, both on the ground and behind the scenes, have led to some impressive statistics for the year: with 619 hectares of wetlands created or restored, 340,000 trees planted, over 1,000km of river opened for fish passage, and over 21,000 volunteers engaged with – to name just a few!

These numbers represent a flavour of the work carried out by The Rivers Trust Movement. To celebrate the year of work, we have compiled our annual Impact Report, in which we highlight more numbers that we’re proud of, share some of our most memorable moments from the year, and showcase a collection of fascinating case studies that reflect our work, goals, and values.

Here are some of the things we explore in the case studies:

  • Wyre Rivers Trust will be delivering more than 1,000 nature-based measures to reduce flooding, in a first-of-its-kind funding solution.
  • As the South and South East of England faces an increased risk from drought, River Thame Conservation Trust are working with farmers to restore natural water features and build climate resilience.
  • Bristol Avon Rivers Trust are engage with local communities through workshops and volunteer programmes to educate and inspire local people to connect with their rivers.

Want to know more?

Click the link below to read our full 2022-23 Impact Report to get a real sense of the work our movement does and the impact it is having or donate to support our work.

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