Crested grebe in river

Help us save our rivers

We dream of wild, healthy, natural rivers. With your support, we can make this a reality. Your donation will be used to support vital work across Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland to restore our rivers — before it’s too late. 

Your donation could open up rivers for fish passage...
adding to the 6,138 km opened up in 2020
people planting a wetland
Your donation could restore or create wetlands...
adding to the 62 created or improved in 2020
kids with fishing nets
Your donation could help us to engage school children...
adding to the 14,410 kids we worked with in 2020

We’re so grateful for your support in helping us to continue to protect and improve our rivers.

£5 a month

£5 a month could support work to restore river banks and meadows to their former glory.

£10 a month

£10 a month could help us to work with schools, educating and inspiring a whole generation.

£20 a month

£20 a month could support our fight to make data on sewage pollution accessible to the public.

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.

Monthly support helps us to plan ahead and proactively seek out action needed to protect and enhance our rivers.


£60 could support our fight to #EndSewagePollution, helping us to make cleaner, healthier rivers a reality.


£30 could help purchase trees and plants to support us in our fight to improve river habitats


£15 could help us purchase volunteer equipment and connect communities to their rivers.