Bicycle leaning against a fence in the South Wales countryside

Mark Lloyd pledges to ride 500 miles to revive rivers

Mark Lloyd, CEO of The Rivers Trust, will cycle 500 miles in 5 days in September as part of our River Revival campaign.

Rebecca Duncan


Our CEO Mark Lloyd will cycle 500 miles in 5 days in September as part of our River Revival campaign.

The 500-mile route will stretch from Mark’s home in South Wales to the site of the landmark COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. On the way, Mark will visit at least five of our 60+ local member Trusts for a hands-on look at their work to tackle climate change and revive rivers for wildlife and people.

Since starting as The Rivers Trust’s Chief Executive in 2019, Mark has been looking for a personal challenge to raise money for us and raise awareness of our work across the UK and Ireland. The River Revival campaign and Take 5 challenge presents the perfect opportunity.

Becoming part of the River Revival couldn’t be easier - all we want you to do is #Take5.

  • Take 5 minutes for yourself on or by a river
  • Tag 5 friends and encourage them to do the same
  • Give £5 to support freshwater conservation

Activities can range from practicing mindfulness, picking litter, or something more adventurous for the sportier types. It's all about reminding people just how special our rivers are, and encouraging everyone to join us in cherishing them.

Mark says: “We all rely on rivers for our very survival. Thriving rivers support thriving communities and the Rivers Trust movement is leading the effort to revive the thousands of precious, magical and mysterious rivers that wind their way across the UK and Ireland. I’m anxious but really excited to get on my bike and raise some money.”

Follow Mark's journey on Strava here:

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