Net zero response

Press statement: Net Zero announcement: short-term solutions will put the long-term burden on all of us

A statement from The Rivers Trust

Matthew Woodard


The government has announced further delays to crucial net zero policies. Here is what we have to say:

"Once again, the government’s rhetoric and decision-making flies absolutely in the face of all the evidence and predictions we have on climate change, and their own claims to be a world leader in the fight against it. Every credible economic assessment points to declining nature and climate change as the biggest risk to people, planet and prosperity.

"The world needs leadership to drive climate-friendly policies forward, not to water them down. Short-term solutions to cost-of-living pressures will only put the long-term financial burden on all of us. Like many other charities, businesses, and indeed politicians, we are ready to deliver cost-effective solutions to help reach Net Zero targets - but these need to be embraced by our leaders."

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