Arial view of green algae in watercourse

Press statement: response to relaxation of nutrient neutrality laws

A statement from The Rivers Trust

Rebecca Duncan


The latest plans to rip up water pollution rules show, once again, that our Government is backtracking on the environment and taking decisions that abandon previous commitments and promises, and ones which our European neighbours enjoy. We do not need to choose between new homes and clean water, we can have both.

Now is the time to develop homes responsibly, working with house builders who want to find positive solutions to achieving nutrient neutrality. Our own specialists have demonstrated how nature based solutions across catchments can solve our nutrient problems, whilst also tackling climate change and declining nature - let’s use them. The Government must show the way, by keeping hold of legal protections and retaining the principle of the polluter pays, rather than the taxpayer pays, so that water companies and housebuilders invest in natural solutions to protect our precious waterways while delivering modern, functional homes.

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