Rambling About Rivers Ep 1: Can we believe in better for our rivers?”

Emily Cooper


Is there still hope to bring our rivers back from the brink? Tune into the debut episode of Rambling About Rivers to find out! Rambling About Rivers is a podcast for the discussion of all things river-related, from the impacts of climate change to river health. In this episode, we join Jayne Mann (Marketing and Communications Manager at The Rivers Trust) and Dan Turner (Senior Project Officer at Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust) as they interview Alistair Maltby, Operations Director at The Rivers Trust. We find out more about The Rivers Trust movement, the threats facing our rivers, and how you can get involved. Have a listen below. Did you know that only 14% of rivers in England and Wales are considered to be in good ecological health? Although environmental awareness is growing across the globe, in many places, it seems as if rivers are being left behind. Despite this, there are swathes of people who really believe in better for our rivers. In this podcast, we explore the role of the Rivers Trust movement in conservation. In addition, we talk about what can be done to encourage a new generation of river defenders. Thank you to the North Sea Region Interreg project, WaterCoG, for sponsoring this podcast. WaterCoG
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