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Rambling about Rivers Ep 11: You can’t polish a turd, but you can put it on a map’

How much do you know about sewage in rivers?

Emily Cooper


You might remember a previous episode where we spoke to Anneka France from our data team about the Sewage Map they produced, which showed the frequency of untreated sewage being released into rivers. Give episode 9 a listen if you want to catch up.

Recently, we updated the Sewage Map with 2020 data - so Anneka's back to give us the low-down on the data behind the map.

This time, Dan and Jayne are also joined by Christine Colvin, Director of Partnerships and Communications at The Rivers Trust. They discuss the immense work which went into producing the map, and look at the bigger picture of sewage pollution in rivers.

If you haven't seen our Sewage Map yet, we guarantee you'll want to check it out! Click here to find out what's lurking beneath the surface of your local river.

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