Rivers Trust partners with Forest to launch a fleet of fundraising River eBikes’ in London

If you live in London, did you know that your commute can now help support river restoration? 

Emma Brisdion


If you live in London, did you know that your commute can now help support river restoration?

Forest bikes has added a fleet of new bright blue eBikes to its app that help people travel across the city through low-carbon means while also supporting the work of The Rivers Trust. Five percent of revenue from rides will go to our ‘Corridors Advocacy Campaign’, which aims to create wildlife corridors along all rivers in the UK. Wildlife corridors are integral to providing shelter, food and habitat for wildlife, whilst also helping improve the quality of water in our rivers.

Nicknamed ‘River’, the bright blue bikes are easy to spot and sport The Rivers Trust logo. Their bold design aims also to help raise awareness for the need to protect and improve our rivers.

The new 'River' eBikes are the same model as Forest's fleet, but a distinctive blue

The addition of new River ebikes will help meet a surge in demand and will be available to rent via the Forest app until the end of the year, after which they will be re-branded to join the rest of the Forest fleet. The same pricing structure of ten minutes free daily and 0.19p per minute will be applied to River eBikes.

Alex Adam, Deputy Director Strategy & Stewardship at The Rivers Trust, said: “The race to climate resilience and water security will be won or lost on our rivers – and right now we are losing, only 14% are in good ecological health and every single one fails to meet chemical standards.

Although the issues are complex, many of the solutions are simple and mostly nature based, creating a network of wildlife corridors along all our rivers, with the multiple benefits is one of these. But to make this vision become a reality is going to take a lot of work, which is why we’re so thankful for the support from the Forest team and their new River bikes.”

You might spot a familiar logo on the new blue eBikes!

Laura Elms, Forest’s Head of Sustainability, said: “According to the Environment Agency, not a single river in England can be classed as being ‘in good health’. Rivers are the lifeblood of all strong and healthy ecosystems. We want to use our Forest bikes to support the UK’s rivers. We hope this partnership will draw attention to the state of the UK’s waterways and raise money to help restore them. The Rivers Trust is doing valuable work to build biodiversity nationwide and Forest is pleased to be able to connect our users to a mission we truly support!”

If you see blue River eBikes in London this year, please consider using one as your mode of transportation! We’d love to see your photos with them (but make sure you take your snaps safely), so do tag us on social media @theriverstrust.

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