World Wildlife Day

Emily Cooper


This World Wildlife Day, we’re bringing nature back.

In an ideal society, World Wildlife Day would be a cause for celebration, providing us with the opportunity to spotlight the fantastic species we share the planet with. However, with the most recent 'State of Nature Report' showing that almost half of our wildlife is in long term decline, celebrations feel somewhat hollow. It’s time to pack up the party, and pick up a petition.

Let’s face it; the natural world is in a dire state. None of our rivers are in good overall health, and 15% of species are at risk of extinction. Now is the time to act—which is why we’ve joined over 50 conservation organisations in demanding better for the natural world. We’re calling on the government to include legally binding targets for nature’s recovery in the upcoming Environment Bill—but we need your help to make this a reality.

The Environment Bill is expected to progress through the House of Lords in May, so now is the time to strike. We must urge the Prime minister to include a ‘State of Nature Amendment’ in the Bill. This would set legally binding targets to stop the destruction of the natural word in its tracks, with aims to actually start reversing the damage by 2030. Making nature’s recovery a legally binding target will ensure that strong, decisive action is taken to prioritise the natural world in future decision making.

We are particularly keen to see additional protections for freshwater habitats included in the Bill. Across the UK and Ireland, rivers are suffering under the burden of multiple threats—and we believe that securing their health in law will be vital for their future.

“The general malaise with nature is particularly keenly felt in the freshwater environment, which is such a fundamental part of our natural world and vital for human existence. We must have clear, legally-binding targets around which the whole of society can focus a collaborative, integrated effort to restore healthy, functioning ecosystems.” - Mark Lloyd, CEO of The Rivers Trust

We will not get another opportunity on this scale for a long time; the Environment Bill could be the gateway towards real positive change. Nature lovers, this is our rallying cry. We are standing on the doorstep of a once in a generation chance to help protect the natural world. We have the chance to give future generations to have something worth celebrating on World Wildlife Day. Our actions in this moment will go down in history—so will you join us?

Sign the petition and call for nature's recovery

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