Big River Watch Data Explorer

Find out what Big River Watch-ers recorded in their river health surveys in the UK and Ireland.

Twice a year, we hold Big River Watch events. Over the course of a week, we encourage members of the public to download our free app, visit their local river, and spend a few moments recording what they see and how they feel.

Use the dashboard below to explore the data sent in across the UK and Ireland, in the May 2024 and September 2023 Big River Watches.

The map below works best on desktop or tablet. Exploring on mobile? Click here for the full-screen data dashboard.

Big River Watch Dates

Spring 2024: Data displayed was collected between 03-09th May 2024

Autumn 2023: Data displayed was collected between 22-28th Sep 2023

Local Trusts

We've also created a version of the dashboard that allows you to filter the data per Trust area, so that you can explore the survey results collected by Big River Watch-ers in your patch.

Download the Big River Watch app

You'll need the free app to take part in the next Big River Watch in September 2024. Download before you set off to complete your survey.

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