How we work

We strive to be an inclusive and collaborative movement and believe that by working together, we can make our shared vision a reality: wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all. 

Our core values at The Rivers Trust:

Our rivers play an essential role in building resilience for nature’s recovery and the climate crisis. They need our help now, more than ever.

That’s why we are committed to protecting, restoring and enhancing our rivers.

With The Rivers Trust’s expertise, reach and resources we empower our member Trusts to take local, targeted action and make a real, positive impact using the best science.

We support the guardians for our rivers, and mitigate the impacts of climate change and pollution, through creating habitats, managing soil and monitoring water quality. We also work to increase the resilience of our rivers through better catchment management and nature-based solutions.

Our holistic approach to conservation means we can restore the balance that rivers need once again – and we can enable communities to help protect and conserve them too.

We build an inclusive, collaborative movement by acting with integrity, respect and courtesy, whoever we deal with, and seek to resolve, rather than cause conflict and division.

Our inclusive, agile approach means that we can bring in the right partners for every project to deliver a true impact.

Our collaborations combine The Rivers Trust’s expertise, our member Trusts’ and catchment partnerships’ local understanding with the resources and knowledge of our partners and wider stakeholders including land owners, businesses, water companies and farmers.

Our collective knowledge and diverse backgrounds help us innovate and restore healthier rivers through our national reach and local groups; making a real difference for local communities and informing national policy.

We are the home of river and catchment expertise and knowledge

The Rivers Trust are conservation experts with a wealth of data and expertise at our fingertips.

We support everyone who is working to improve our river environments with access to the best evidence and data. This data, combined with local understanding enables local organisations to do the right work in the right place and restore healthier catchments.

We are the custodians of the largest quantity of river and catchment data in the Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland, which provides us with a international perspective. We enable local and national legislators, water companies and organisations to see the bigger picture, providing facts rather than opinions.

We believe knowledge is power. That’s why we champion the importance of healthy rivers; sharing knowledge online, at schools and through local groups.

We bring together the people, knowledge, data and intelligence to help rivers thrive again; for us and future generations.

Our rivers are an integral part of our communities and we must work together to protect them. We connect and empower local communities.

The Rivers Trust bring together the people, knowledge, data and intelligence to empower communities to take action and be part of the solution; ensuring rivers thrive.

We believe in the importance of a deep understanding of local areas. That’s why we work with our member Trusts to take relevant, rapid, local action.

Our local conservation events, such as river cleans ups, balsam bashing and habitat creation, are great ways for communities to come together whilst protecting rivers and making a real impact.

We provide relevant, accessible information and tools to give local people the knowledge and power to protect and conserve their own wild waterways.

We promote and operate an open H&S culture within the movement, whereby the health and wellbeing of every employee and volunteer is protected and improved through their work. We treat all our staff, volunteers and members fairly and equally irrespective of background, religion, race, gender or sexuality. We aim to increase diversity in the Rivers Trust movement at all levels to ensure that our work is relevant, mainstream and accessible to all.

We want everyone to enjoy and appreciate rivers

Rivers shape our landscapes and provide the foundations for our cities, towns and habitats. When they thrive, so do we.

We want all life to thrive in and around our rivers; humans and wildlife alike. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming or a riverside stroll, our rivers need to be protected, conserved and enhanced to ensure they remain for future generations.

That’s why The Rivers Trust, together with our 63 member Trusts, visit schools, talk to businesses and organise local events such as river clean ups, habitat creation and water quality testing.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and introducing others to the essential role of rivers and the importance of protecting them.

Our memorandum and articles of association

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