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We work with our member Trusts to make our shared vision a reality: wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all. This page summarises everything our movement has achieved so far to bring that vision to life.

The Rivers Trust Review is a roundup of everything our movement accomplished over the course of the year

We couldn't be prouder of everything our local Trusts achieved, despite all of the roadblocks which persisted throughout 2021. With your help, we can achieve even more next year.

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Our review contains more on some of our favourite projects from last year, like…

  • Using nature-based solutions to hold back the flood: West Cumbria Rivers Trust are using NbS to improve flood resilience across their catchment.
  • Eel-y good citizen science: Thames Rivers Trust lead a partnership of Rivers Trusts to map obstacles to eel migration
  • River restoration: River Nene Regional Park have carried out an impressive scheme of work to nurse the Nene back to life
  • Fish passage: Severn Rivers Trust played an important role in Unlocking the Severn - and we're particularly excited by the Diglis Fish Pass!
  • Building flood resilience: the Tweed Forum are fighting to reduce flood risk - all while improving the status of the River Glen

The 2021 Rivers Trust Review

The Rivers Trust Review pulls together some incredible examples of our impact across the UK and Ireland.

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