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Our impact in 2020

We work with our member Trusts to make our shared vision a reality: wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all. This page summarises everything our movement has achieved so far to bring that vision to life.

The Rivers Trust Review is a roundup of everything our movement accomplished over the course of the year

This is what we achieved in 2020: the year of cancelled events, delayed projects, and total turmoil. We couldn't be prouder of everything our local Trusts achieved, despite all of the roadblocks. With your help, we can achieve even more next year.

Infographic showing Rivers Trusts' impact in 2020

Our review contains more on some of our favourite projects from last year, like…

  • Tackling plastic pollution from source to sea: The Preventing Plastic Pollution project was launched, a collaboration between 18 partners across England and France to investigate and combat plastic pollution at its source: rivers.
  • Re-opening the river: After nearly half a century as one of the first and widest barriers to fish migration in the River Ribble, Salmesbury Weir was removed, allowing fish to swim return upstream for spawning.
  • Holding back the flood: Natural Flood Management has huge potential when it comes to protecting communities from flooding. Financing such schemes has always been a roadblock—but the Wyre Natural Flood Management (NFM) Investment Readiness project hopes to change that.
  • People for rivers, rivers for people: Despite COVID restrictions, Thames21 continued their Urban River Regeneration: Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities project, working with partners such as GPs and local mental health charity Ashford Place to enact social prescribing to benefit people and rivers in some of Greater London’s most deprived areas.

The 2020 Rivers Trust Review

The Rivers Trust Review pulls together some incredible examples of our impact across the UK and Ireland. Have a read and find ou moret about our impact in the UK and Ireland in 2020

2020 was also the year we ramped up the fight against sewage pollution

Our Sewage Map is bigger and better than ever, and has helped river enthusiasts across England and Wales to make informed decisions about where they enter the swim, paddle, catch and play.

We helped to deliver a petition to Parliament calling for an end to sewage pollution, and asked you write to your MPs to demand better for rivers. As always, you didn’t let us down—and as a result of this pressure and the work of community groups, 2020 saw the first ever river in England receive bathing water status: an historic moment for our movement.

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