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We work with our member Trusts to make our shared vision a reality: wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all. This page summarises everything our movement has achieved so far to bring that vision to life.

The Rivers Trust Impact Report is a roundup of everything our movement accomplished over the course of the year

We couldn't be prouder of everything our movement has achieved during 2022-23. With your support, we can achieve even more next year.

Our Impact Report contains some of our favourite projects, including...

  • Wyre Rivers Trust will be delivering more than 1,000 nature-based measures to reduce flooding, in a first-of-its-kind funding solution.
  • As the South and South East of England faces an increased risk from drought, River Thame Conservation Trust are working with farmers to restore natural water features and build climate resilience.
  • Bristol Avon Rivers Trust are engage with local communities through workshops and volunteer programmes to educate and inspire local people to connect with their rivers.

Want to know more?

Click the link below to read our full 2022-23 Impact Report to get a real sense of the work our movement does and the impact it is having.

The Rivers Trust Impact Report 2022-23

The Rivers Trust Impact Report pulls together some incredible examples of our impact across the UK and Ireland.

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