AA Floods

AA Floods is a €2.5 million, 3‑year project funded by Interreg Atlantic Area that aims to drive a collaborative approach to address all aspects of flood risk management from early warning services, prediction and prevention to post-flood emergency response. 

Flooding across the European Union has led to the loss of more than 1,500 lives over the last 20 years with the average economic costs of flooding estimated to be 5 billion euros per year. Climate change is bringing more frequent, high-intensity rainfall and increasing the prevalence of flash floods; some estimates predict that flood damage costs could rise five-fold by 2050.

Building on the EU Floods Directive, AA Floods will bring together key stakeholders including national and regional governments, local authorities, water companies, NGOs, academia and communities to build and test new tools and approaches to flood risk management and response.

The over-arching aim is to reduce the human and material damage associated with flooding through a focus upon the local scale.

The project has 9 partners from academia, water companies, NGOs, regional government and a consultancy and encompasses 5 Atlantic area countries – UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. The Rivers Trust will use its network of individual Trusts and Catchment Partnerships in the Atlantic Area to support greater flood risk management at the local, river catchment scale, through an approach that empowers both civil society and local communities.

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