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Catchment Based Approach (CaBA)

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) embeds collaborative working at a river catchment scale, to deliver cross-cutting improvements to our water environment.

Community partnerships, bringing local knowledge and expertise, are active in each of the 100+ Water Framework Directive catchments across England, including cross-border catchments in Wales and Scotland. More than 1500 organisations are engaged with CaBA nationwide, including Rivers Trusts and other NGOs, Water Companies, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Landowners, Angling Clubs, Farmer Representative Bodies, Academia and Local Businesses.

The partnerships are developing a collaborative vision and plan for their catchments, bringing together all those with a stake in the health of the water environment, aligning funding and actions to achieve benefits for the environment, business and local communities.

The Catchment Based Approach policy framework was launched in 2013 by Defra and continues to be supported.

Visit the CaBA website

The CaBA websites holds lots of useful resources and information about catchment partnerships.

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