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Community Urban River Regeneration Fund

Funded by the Greggs Foundation, The Rivers Trust is managing a newly established Community Urban River Regeneration Fund.

Under the Fund four individual Rivers Trusts (Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust, Trent Rivers Trust, Severn Rivers Trust and Thames21) are running educational and community-based environmental projects, focused upon urban rivers.

Each project began in early 2019 and has a duration of three years.

The projects each have the following broad objectives;

  • To improve the lives of local communities, including those disadvantaged in some way, through participation in environmental projects based in and around urban rivers.
  • Educate local people, so that they have a greater appreciation for their local environment and are more likely to access and engage with it.
  • Improve the environment through community co-delivery of projects of a substantial size such as a sustainable urban drainage scheme or regeneration of a river walkway.
  • To use the funding as a catalyst, engaging with other key stakeholder organisations and growing the projects to leave a long-lasting legacy for the local community.

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