Plastic bottles in river


In-No-Plastic (Innovative approaches towards prevention, removal and reuse of marine plastic litter) is a three year, EU funded project which aims to develop and demonstrate technology to clean up nano‑, micro‑, and macro-plastics in aquatic ecosystems.

The project will combine social and technical elements. From a technical standpoint, the project will examine existing plastics removal methodologies and compare these with multiple developing technologies at a number of testing sites in Europe and in the Caribbean. On the social side, the project will trial an incentive-based initiative which will encourage the public to get involved in plastic clean-ups in return for rewards.

In addition, In-No-Plastic includes a comprehensive monitoring system. This will help us to understand the effectiveness of the new technologies and current clean-up approaches - both in terms of cutting down plastic in the environment, and its effects on the local ecosystems. This will form a blueprint in establishing a coherent and synchronised system of cleaning, which is scalable and replicable.

Part of the plastic gathered at the demo sites will be treated for reusability by investigating different recycling methods, leading to the inter-connectedness of the processes in acquiring plastic waste and creating circularity in the value chain.

The complementary consortium of 17 partners from 10 different countries, includes 2 research institutions, 2 Government bodies, 4 industry end users, 2 NGO, 7 SMEs of which 4 technology and 3 service providers. The project is funded within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

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