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Woodlands for Water

Woodlands for Water is the first project developed by the Riverscapes partnership which, with support from Defra, aims to create 1,600 hectares of trees in six river catchment areas from Devon to Cumbria by March 2025.

Funded through DEFRA, the Woodlands for Water project is being carried out by the ‘Riverscapes Partnership' which includes experts from The Rivers Trust, National Trust, Woodland Trust and Beaver Trust. Working across 6 river catchments and the whole National Trust English estate, the partnership provides expert advice and assistance on creating new riparian and strategic catchment woodlands that will benefit the wider landscape.

As a partnership, we have the ambition to restore 25,000km of rivers and streams across the UK by creating a network of riparian wildlife corridors and buffer strips by 2030. Riparian woodlands have multiple benefits that boost biodiversity, keep our rivers cool and help to reduce harmful runoff from roads and agricultural land.

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Are you a landowner looking to plant trees along water courses?

Our catchment-based Woodland Creation Officers can provide farmers, tenants and landowners with FREE advice and support on riparian tree planting, woodland creation and the most appropriate available grants. We can help and support with the full application process to the England Woodland Creation Offer and can advise on alternative grants if this is not suitable. We also offer impartial advice on the sale of carbon credits and help to register the woodland with the Woodland Carbon Code, if desired.

Many river catchments are eligible across the country; find out if you can support your local watercourse by planting trees. Please visit our interactive map below to get in touch with the local Rivers Trust in your area to start your woodland creation journey

This project has been delivered through the Nature for Climate funding from Defra. You can read more via their Put Down Roots campaign here.

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Take a look at our Tree Hub which takes you through the vision and locations of the project.

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