CaSTCo – Catchment Systems Thinking Cooperative

Making sure that people count at the heart of rivers’ recovery.

This £7million project is funded by Ofwat and is led by The Rivers Trust and United Utilities, with collaboration between 24+ UK partner organisations. It is creating a radical step-change in the contribution of Citizen Science & Community Monitoring to evidence-based Integrated Catchment Management.

CaSTCo will provide the first national framework for improved, integrated water environment data, integrated modelling capabilities, openly shared collaborative platforms and decision support tools driving environmental improvement.

24+ UK partners including water companies, communities and local partnerships, technical experts, academics, government, non-government organisations, private sector, are coming together for the first time to co-design a consistent, open information and knowledge sharing platform. This will enable a national framework to standardise and share integrated data and build the much-needed evidence base for improved decision-making about our water environments. Blended sustainable financing solutions will be explored to sustain and scale-up the approach from 10+ demonstration areas to river catchments across the country.

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