Volunteers plant wetland vegetation in Wiltshire

Corporate Volunteering Opportunities

Rivers Trust corporate volunteering days provide the perfect platform to get your team out from behind a desk and onto the riverbank.

Rivers shape our landscapes and provide the foundations of our cities, towns, and countryside. When they thrive, so do we.

As an umbrella body, we work with our 65 member Trusts to offer bespoke corporate staff volunteering and engagement opportunities across the country which support our mission, whilst also providing a safe and secure environment for you and your team to bond, create impact and make a positive difference to your local area.

Rivers Trust corporate volunteering days provide the perfect platform to get your team out from behind a desk and onto the riverbank where they will experience unique, environment-related activities, specifically designed with your interests in mind.

The Benefits include:

  • Improving wellbeing
  • A chance to connect with each other informally
  • Hitting your CSR sustainability goals
  • Learning about rivers, water and climate change
  • Re-connecting with the environment and indulging in nature for the day
  • Contributing towards the conservation of the region’s waterways

Knowledgeable and experienced staff at your local Rivers Trust will lead your event, providing a much-needed break from the routine of work, giving employees a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a non-work environment. This break helps to boost staff morale, leading to increased job satisfaction, which, in turn, can improve employee retention rates.

How much does it cost?

The price of a corporate volunteering day varies depending on many different factors. A bespoke quote will be provided by your local Rivers Trust.

As a charity, your local Rivers Trust will need to ensure the costs of delivering a meaningful, enjoyable, and safe activity for your team are covered. Their bespoke events require careful planning, including obtaining permissions to access the river and in some cases securing permits to undertake specific types of work, purchasing materials and to cover the time of their experienced paid staff to deliver the event.

How to book your Corporate Volunteering Opportunity

Use the map below to find your local Rivers Trust today! Each trust has a link to what they can offer you and your business, with further information about how to get in touch.

Demand is high, so we recommend contacting your local Rivers Trust at least 8 weeks before your planned activity.

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