Wetlands are an important and multi-functional, natural solution to a host of pressing environmental challenges. However, it’s estimated “that the world has lost 50% of its wetlands… since 1900”, so now is the time to focus on restoring these important ecosystems.

Wetlands are not only key habitat sites, but they can also mitigate other risks such as flooding, especially within built-up environments. During heavy rainfall, wetlands absorb extra water leaving less to run into neighbourhoods. On top of all these reasons to support wetland creation and maintenance, they can also help ‘replenish’ or restore water to water-stressed areas. Where there’s a water-stressed area, it means there’s a lack of fresh water to meet demand which can cause lasting effects.

We love wetlands!

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hectares of wetlands were created or restored by local Rivers Trusts in 2022-23

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