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Corporate donations are vital to our work.

We are the umbrella body of the Rivers Trust movement, working to protect, promote and enhance our freshwater ecosystems for both people and wildlife across the UK and Ireland.

We dream of wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all. With the financial support of your business, we can make this a reality.

Why do Rivers need support from businesses?

  • 0% of rivers in England and Northern Ireland are classed as 'good overall'
  • 99% of British rivers have artificial barriers obstructing migrating fish
  • Freshwater species have declined by 83% globally since 1970
  • Soil is being lost at 10 x the rate that it’s being created
  • It’s estimated 1.5 million hours of raw sewage is pumped into our rivers each year

Our heavily modified rivers cannot cope with the threats to river health from pollution, agricultural run-off, sewage, and chemical cocktails as well as seasonal extremes of too much or too little water.

By engaging in corporate giving and making a donation to The Rivers Trust today, you will be contributing to tangible change. You will make a difference on a national scale, whilst demonstrating to the public, your stakeholders, and your employees that you are a company that cares.

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Here are some more ways you can support us:

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